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1:1 Consultations

Find out everything you need to know about Snipfeed's 1:1 Consultations.

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In this article:

  1. Why 1:1 Consultations?

  2. Setting up your 1:1 Consultations

  3. Customizing your offering

  4. Connecting your calendar

  5. How to find upcoming meetings

  6. Rescheduling and refunding 1:1 consultations

  7. Why are my 1:1 consultation Zoom links not being sent out?

Why 1:1 Consultations?

As a Snipfeed creator, you have the opportunity to offer your fans 1:1 meetings, online consultations and coaching sessions in order to enhance their customer experience and give you the opportunity to monetize your valuable time.

It is also incredibly easy to sync your bookings with your schedule. Instead of using consultation and coaching software platforms (like Calendly), allow followers to purchase time with you and sync your Google calendar to ensure you never miss a meeting.

Manage your time by only allowing followers to book in meetings with you at specific times and set your weekly availability easily on Snipfeed to avoid having to reschedule.

No matter your niche; your followers will appreciate the opportunity to book an online meeting with you in order to benefit from a personalized experience. Snipfeed encourages creators to use this feature for the following reasons:

  • Additional revenue stream: You can generate extra income by charging a fee for your time and expertise during these consultations, expanding your revenue beyond brand partnerships and sponsored content.

  • Personal connection: One-on-one consultations enable you to connect with your followers on a more personal level, building stronger relationships, trust, and loyalty among your audience.

  • Customized advice and coaching: During a private consultation, you can offer tailored advice and recommendations to your clients based on their specific needs and goals. This personalized approach can be more valuable to your clients compared to general content.

  • Showcase your expertise: Offering consultations allows you to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge in your niche, establishing yourself as an authority in your field.

Who can sell 1:1 consultations?

Everyone! All Snipfeed creators have access to the 1:1 consultations feature. However, keep in mind that depending on your Snipfeed plan (Pro, Pro Plus, Starter, or Free), you’ll be charged a different transaction fee per booking.

Check out the benefits of each plan and transaction fee percentages here.

Setting up your 1:1 consultation

To set up your 1:1 consultation, click on the Store tab on the left navigation of your account, and then select Products. Create a New Product (top right button). Select 1:1 Consultations.

Pick a title for your offering, insert a short description, choose the meeting location (Zoom, Meet, Phone, In-Person), and pick a thumbnail image for the display of the product on your page. Finally, you will be able to set a price.

Customizing your 1:1 consultations

Once you have completed the above steps and saved your 1:1 consultation, you will be redirected to the event section of your meeting which lets you customize your availability and calendar.

You can set a date range for your availability as well as your weekly availability, as well as set the maximum frequency of bookings, as well as increments between consultations.

And finally, you will be able to apply all kinds of customizations to your consultations such as questions that followers can answer before the consultation, coupons, custom confirmation emails (pro plan), and more!

Integrating 1:1 consultations with your calendar

Snipfeed allows you to integrate your Snipfeed profile with your Google Calendar so you can keep track of your different consultations, but also to prevent your followers from booking meetings where you are busy.

To connect your Google Calendar to your profile follow these steps:

  1. Click on the settings tab (by hovering over your profile picture at the bottom-left of your screen).

  2. Tap Integrations, which will show you the different platforms that you can integrate.

  3. Sign in with Google, and your calendar will automatically sync your bookings and send customers Google Meets/ Zoom links.

Where can I find my upcoming 1:1 consultations?

  1. Click on the Store tab

  2. Navigate to your Orders.

  3. You will then be redirected to a page showing all of your upcoming 1:1 consultations.

What happens if I miss my 1:1 consultation

If you miss your 1:1 consultation with a customer, you must reach out to Snipfeed customer support ([email protected]), or use the chat on the bottom right of your account, in order for us to initiate a refund for the customer.

Alternatively, you can reach out to the customer directly in order to agree to a new scheduled appointment. You can find your customer’s contact details via the Orders page (see above step).

Keep in mind, we will not be able to regenerate a Google Meet or Zoom link and you will have to manually set up the meeting with your customer.

What happens if a customer misses the 1:1 consultation?

If a customer misses a 1:1 consultation and requests a refund, then feel free to make a decision based on your personal refund policy. To refund a customer, click on the Store tab > Orders > click on the three dots to the right > refund customer.

You may also decide to offer your customer a new meeting date. In that case, you will have to manually set up the meeting as we will not be able to regenerate a Google Meet or Zoom link.

Can I reschedule a 1:1 consultation?

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to reschedule a 1:1 consultation through Snipfeed, as your meeting link has already been sent to the customer.

If you wish to reschedule a consultation, please reach out directly to your customer in order to agree to a new date and set up the meeting manually through Google Meet or Zoom. You can find your customer’s contact details via the Orders page (see above step).

Why are my 1:1 consultation Zoom links not being sent out?

You may encounter an issue where the meeting link for your 1:1 meetings hosted on Zoom are not being sent out to customers via email. The reason for this is we may not be able to access your Google Calendar.

To clarify, here's how it works:

For every purchase, if Zoom is connected, we create a Zoom meeting link. If a calendar is connected, we generate a calendar event to store it. When there's an issue with the connected calendar, the system gets stuck.

It repeatedly tries to add the calendar event, resulting in a loop. Whenever this issue arises, look out for a warning on your dashboard.

To solve this issue, please reconnect your Google account.

Other factors that may be causing your Zoom link to not send:

Alternatively, If you’ve integrated your Snipfeed account with Zoom and are receiving a large influx of bookings at one time, you may encounter Zoom’s rate limit.

Note that Zoom allows up to 100 meetings created per user within a 24-hour period. If you believe that you have exceeded this threshold, please contact our customer support ([email protected]) and we’ll advise you on your next steps.

If you have any other questions, please contact our support team at [email protected]

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