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How to add my own Custom Domain to Snipfeed?
How to add my own Custom Domain to Snipfeed?

If you already purchased your own custom domain from another company. The following instructions will help you add this on to Snipfeed.

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How to add your own Custom Domain to Snipfeed?

Important info: We’ve limited the characters that your domain can be to help you increase your ranking in search systems and to guide you towards choosing a shorter domain (often shorter = more memorable).

1. Go to Settings -> Custom Domain

2. Click on Use your own domain.

3. A page such as below will show up.

4. Once you enter your domain, please select from the options which will show up.

Is there any content currently published at this domain?

Select NO - If this is a short domain which will only be used to create links on Snipfeed

Select Yes - If you use this domain as your website, blog etc already (this will mean you will have to create a subdomain).

If you selected No, then you simply enter your domain info and click Add Domain. That’s all!

To connect your domain, your domain provider might ask the below information.

If you selected Yes, the below steps will apply.

5. If you haven’t configured your DNS settings yet, please log in to your domain provider and follow the steps outlined on the website before you continue with the next step.

The following information might be needed by the domain administrator.

  • Select Manage DNS

    • Select Add to add a new record.

    • Under Type menu, select A

  • Enter the details for your new A record:

    • Name: The host name for the A record. Type @ to put the A record on your root domain, or enter a subdomain prefix such as www.

    • Value: The IP address for your A record. This IP address is the value on this Snipfeed's screenshot :

Once you have done the above steps, please return to Snipfeed - Custom Domain.

6. Click Add Domain

7. Once your domain verifies, you’ll be ready to use it on Snipfeed!

Verification usually takes 24 to 48 hours. If your domain still doesn’t verify, please contact us.

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