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A guide to Snipfeed's Analytics feature
A guide to Snipfeed's Analytics feature

Snipfeed’s Analytics lets you monitor your online presence and provide you with key insights about the data.

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How to access Analytics?

To access analytics, all you need to do is go to log in to your Snipfeed page and click on Analytics! Voila and you have all the data you need to turbo charge your business! 😎

The following are just some of the data insights you can expect from the dashboard.

  • Views on your Snipfeed page in the date range

  • Number of unique page views (Pro feature)

  • Sales in the selected date range from your page

  • Top performing link clicks via your Snipfeed page (Pro feature)

  • Top countries where your fans/customers are visiting your page from (Pro feature)

  • The type of device used by customers (Pro feature)

  • What is your biggest search traffic source (Pro feature)

You can also export this data to a csv or an excel file, if needed.

Snipfeed’s analytics lets you extract information and data from our platform so you can turbo charge your page by analyzing the data!

This data will be very useful to understand how your business is performing in the market or simply to have a visual view of the data.

Benefits of Snipfeed’s Data Visualisation Dashboard

  1. Helps you see insights that you may have missed in traditional reports by showing you a visual representation of the data rather than just numbers.

  2. Increases productivity and sales for your business by providing key insights weekly

  3. We made Snipfeed’s dashboard easy to understand, by translating the data into a form that be easy to understand for everyone.


Please note, some of the analytics features are only available for Snipfeed Pro members. To make the most out of your analytics, sign up to pro!😄

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