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What is the Forms feature?

Create a wide range of forms, from contact capture forms and research surveys to waiting lists and social media contest applications, all tailored to your specific needs.

The forms feature enables creators and online businesses to effortlessly create captivating forms that not only engage their followers but also gather valuable insights and drive opt-ins. It allows for seamless integration into your marketing strategy, and used alongside Snipfeed’s Marketing Funnels, can enhance your ability to collect valuable leads, grow your contact list and offer engaging incentives.

Learn more about the Forms feature here.

Where are Forms in my account?

Log in to your Snipfeed account and then head to the Marketing Funnels tab. You can head straight there here.

How can I set up a Form?

  1. Tap "Create New Form"

  2. Choose from three optimized forms templates and save your layout

  3. Choose the information you would like to collect. Switch default fields on and off (name, email, phone number) and add any of your own custom form questions

  4. Now start to build your form by adding a title, text, an image, a live countdown (if your form is a waitlist) and choose your submission button text and/or redirection link

  5. Customize your post-submission ‘thank you’ message. This will appear once your audience has completed your form. Here, you’re able to add free downloadable files (for example, you might offer a free cheat sheet digital product for people who leave their details via your form)

  6. Customize your landing page to match your branding by adjusting colors, fonts, emojis, submission button appearance, element transparency, and adding text and imagery

  7. Preview how your form looks and copy your shareable link to add to your Snipfeed page, share in your social media content, or include in your emails and SMS messages

We created a step-by-step guide for leveraging forms for your digital marketing strategy here.

How can I add a free download post-submission for my audience?

Yes! You can upload a file of any format before you publish and share your form. Customize your post-submission ‘thank you’ message via the “form builder’ section of your form settings. The message and downloadable file you add will appear once your audience has completed your form. For example, you might offer a free cheat sheet digital product for people who leave their details via your form.

How do I share my Form with my audience?

Once you’re finished editing your form, you’ll have the option to tweak the URL right before publishing. You can share your form link by copying it in the right hand corner of your screen.

Can I use the Forms feature to run a social media contest?

The Forms feature is a great way to collect applicants for giveaways and contests. For each person who submits an entry, you will be able to download and export that list from your Marketing funnels Audience section. There, you’ll be able to contact the winner. Just make sure you collect the contact information of each form applicant.

How would I use the forms feature to design a survey?

If you like, the Forms you design can do much more than just collecting contact information. You can collect a range of different responses, too - choose from multiple choice, short answers, and longer answers. You can tweak the fields of your form easily by clicking “add field”. Switch default fields on and off (name, email, phone number) and add any of your own custom form questions. We recommend you collect at least one piece of contact information (incase you want your form participants anonymous).

How can I use the Forms feature to grow my mailing list?

The Forms feature can be used to build a robust mailing list of high value customers and leads. Customizable forms allow you to choose the information you collect - from email and mobile numbers to preferences and interests.

Can I change the design of my Form?

Design your Forms landing page with your branding in mind. With three optimized templates to choose from. As well as edit your text and imagery; edit colors, fonts, submission buttons, transparency levels, emoji celebration animations, and even add a post-submission message.

How does the Forms feature work with the Marketing Funnels suite?

Unlock the potential of your marketing campaigns with the power of seamless integration. Pair the information you collect via your forms with marketing funnels to create specific audiences - allowing you to follow up with high value leads who have submitted responses to your forms. All of your form subscribers will be added as separate audiences within the tool!

Who can use the Forms feature?

The Forms feature is only available to people on the Starter or Pro plan. Upgrading to a plan means unlocking more email, sms and audience segmentation too - so it’s worth it. See what you’d be sending on other marketing softwares below.

If you have any other questions, please contact our support team at [email protected]

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