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What is exclusive content and how to use it

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What is Exclusive Content?

Exclusive content refers to digital products or content that are restricted or limited to a specific audience or group. Exclusive content is often used as a way to provide special or premium offerings to a select group of individuals.

Benefits of selling exclusive content on Snipfeed:

  • Provide extra value:ย See it as an extension of your content on social media.

  • Reward loyal customers or subscribers with free resources:ย Sell digital products to incentivize engagement, generate revenue, or build a dedicated community around your knowledge and skills.

  • Create a sense of exclusivity: differentiate offerings from what is freely available.

  • Add different prices: Depending on the time and value of your exclusive content, you can provide different offerings to cater to your entire audience.

How can followers purchase and receive my exclusive content?

Once a customer has purchased your exclusive content, they will be sent an email with a URL to download their exclusive content instantly.

What types of exclusive content can I sell?

The beauty of exclusive content is the range of digital products you can offer. From ebooks and video guides to downloadable templates and audio files - your options are limitless.

What file formats can I sell with the exclusive content feature?

You can upload just about any file format on Snipfeed - such as MP4, PDFs, JPEGs, Documents, and more.

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