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Why Does Stripe Show “Incomplete” Payments?
Why Does Stripe Show “Incomplete” Payments?

Stripe’s new payment method - Payment intents - is the reason why you see “Incomplete Payments'' on your Dashboard.

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What does “Incomplete” payment mean?

Using Payment Intents, Stripe will automatically determine whether a Credit Card requires 3D security.

Each time a customer arrives on the checkout page, Snipfeed creates a “Payment Intent”. Consequently, the payment will be marked as “Incomplete” (temporary hold on their card, not a direct charge).

After clicking on purchase, If the customer completed this transaction with a valid credit/debit card, this payment gets confirmed, and Stripe creates a charge based on it. You then see a “successful payment’ inside your Stripe dashboard.

If a customer leaves the purchase process without completing the checkout, then this will show up as “Incomplete payment” as the customer did not pay for it. In these circumstances, you will unfortunately not receive this payment as it never went through, as customers are simply not completing the checkout process.

For all other information regarding payments via stripe, or if you would like to contact Stripe directly. Please click here.

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