What are Clearpay, Afterpay, and Affirm?

Afterpay, Clearpay, and Affirm give your customers a way to pay for purchases in installments.

Afterpay, Clearpay and Affirm immediately pay you in full and collect the remaining installments from your customer over time.

Please note that Afterpay and Clearpay are the same entity but have different names based on your location.


You must have a Stripe account connected to your Snipfeed in order to offer “Buy now, Pay Later” to your customers. This feature is only for our Pro members.

Creators and Customers must be located in the same country/currency to be eligible for the pay later option.

How to Add a “Buy now, Pay Later” Payment Plan to your Products or Services?

1. Make sure you have a Stripe account connected to your Snipfeed.

2. Become a Snipfeed Pro member.

3. “Buy now, Pay later” options will automatically appear as payment methods when a customer is at checkout on your Snipfeed.


Fee Transactions

Please note that Afterpay, Clearpay and Affirm have a different transaction fees than the standard Stripe fee. Please find details on these fees below.

  • Afterpay and Clearpay Transaction Fees: 6% + 30¢ (Stripe fee included)

  • Affirm Transaction Fees: 6% + 30¢ (Stripe fee included)

Is there a fee to sign up for Buy Now and Pay Later services for creators?

No, there is no fee. Creators only pay a percentage of their sales which is usually 6% of the sales (including Stripe fee) + 30c. Please note, customers do NOT pay any fee when they make a purchases via Snipfeed, it’s the merchants who share the fees.

Disputed Payments

Afterpay covers disputes driven by consumer fraud or inability to repay installments. If a customer claims that you didn’t deliver the relevant goods as expected, Afterpay may send you an email to request additional information.

If Afterpay receives a large volume of customer complaints, these disputes may turn into chargebacks, with funds withdrawn from your Stripe account.


You can refund Afterpay charges up to 180 days after the original payment. Refunds for Afterpay payments are asynchronous.

What Countries are these payment methods supported in?

Afterpay & Clearpay support 6 countries (United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, France, and Spain) and 6 currencies (USD, CAD, GBP, AUD, NZD, or EUR).

Affirm is available for customers in the United States and Canada and supports USD and CAD.

Lastly, the Stripe account can accept payments from customers in the same country that they registered their Stripe account. Payments must also match the local currency of the country. In simple terms, buyers and sellers have to be based in the same country and use the same currency.

More Questions about Afterpay, Clearpay, or Affirm?

Contact our support team at [email protected]

Read more about Afterpay and Clearpay’s policy here.

Read more about Affirm’s policy here.

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