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How can I connect my already existing domain name to my Snipfeed page?
How can I connect my already existing domain name to my Snipfeed page?

I already have a domain name and I want to connect it to my Snipfeed page

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Snipfeed allows you to link a previously purchased custom domain to your Snipfeed page.

However, in order to be able to connect your custom domain to your Snipfeed, you must be a member of our Pro plan.

If you’re a Pro member, please follow the below steps to connect your existing domain.

  • Login to your Snipfeed account.

  • Click on “Settings” then “Custom Domain.”

  • Here, click on the “Use your own domain” option button and enter in the domain name you’ve already purchased elsewhere.

  • Then, before you can successfully connect your domain to your Snipfeed page, you will have to respond to the following question: “Is there any content currently published at this domain?” If there is no content associated with your domain, click “No, this is an unused domain.” However, if there is published content associated with this domain, click “Yes, I’m currently using this domain for my site, blog, etc.” Once you answer this question, you can click “Next” at the bottom of this page and follow our straightforward step-by-step instructions to successfully connect your domain to your Snipfeed page! 🎉

Please note: If you answered “yes” to the question (referenced above), meaning you are currently using the domain name you wish to connect to your Snipfeed page for your own website, blog, etc., it is very important that you follow the instructions we provide in step two of the connection process after you click “Next.” These instructions will walk you through the process of adding a custom subdomain to your pre-existing domain name. The subdomain you create will be what links your domain to your Snipfeed without losing the site that is already attached to your domain. Since Snipfeed does not manage your pre-existing domain, you will need to visit your domain provider’s website in order to add a custom subdomain. Adding a subdomain is quick and we’re always happy to help guide you through the process!

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