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  1. What is a Tier?

  2. How to create Membership Tiers?

  3. Changing pricing for Tiers?

What is a tier?

Snipfeed's Memberships allow you to create customized tiers that cater to the diverse needs of your community. You are allowed to create as many tiers as you see fit, however we recommend not creating too many in order to be able to give each one a unique and differentiated experience.

Create content for them all. Whether that’s offering the ultimate experience for super fans and experts, or providing exclusive updates for more casual supporters wanting to stay in the loop, you can offer tiered membership options to match every level of enthusiasm for your content (and budget to spend).

How to create Membership tiers

In order to create your Snipfeed Memberships, navigate to the Store tab on the right of your screen, and then select the Memberships icon. You will then be redirected to the Membership creation page. In the “General Information'' tab, you will be able to add a title and a description as well as a thumbnail for your membership. You will then be able to customise your tiers.

You can add as many tiers as you would like. You will then be prompted to name them, add a small description (optional) and finally set your monthly and yearly subscription prices. We recommend giving at least a small discount to yearly subscribers in order to incentivise them to become long-term subscribers.

In the following section, you will be able to add content to each tier of your Memberships:

Once you have chosen which type of content you would like to add, a new text block will be created. Click on the arrow located on the right side of the tab in order to customise your content.

The tab will expand and you will then be able to choose which tiers have access to the content, give it a title, and add/upload it. This section of your Membership page will probably be one that you will be revisiting often in order to personalise and add additional content for your subscribers.

Once you have saved your changes, you will be directed to the "Additional Information" section where you can customise the confirmation email that your followers will receive once they have subscribed, enable/disable the ratings feature, and connect Zapier.

Changing pricing for tiers

Although you are allowed to change the price of your Membership tiers as many times as you want, please note that already existing subscribers will be billed the same amount that they were billed for their first payment. This policy applies to price increases or decreases. Additionally, we do not recommend applying frequent price decreases as that might discourage potential subscribers from subscribing (in anticipation of potential future decreases).

If you have any other questions, please contact our support team at [email protected]

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