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How do I turn on Reviews?

To collect written testimonials and star ratings on each of your Snipfeed offerings, you need to turn on Reviews and edit your preferences within the settings of each one. Go to the Settings page for your offering and click on the Reviews tab.


*By default, reviews are switched off for each of your offerings. Customers will only be able to leave reviews and star ratings after they have made a purchase and are logged into their account.

What settings can I control?

There are two settings you can control for reviews:

Switch reviews on and off: Each of your existing offerings will have reviews switched off by default. You can easily toggle reviews on and off within the settings.

  • Decide which reviews show: Switch on to filter the written reviews that show on your page. Exclude reviews that are below a minimum amount of stars using the drop down.

Where will customers be able to find my reviews?

Reviews will only appear on your page if they are switched on and customers have started leaving star ratings and leaving written testimonials. They will appear underneath each of your offerings on your Snipfeed page.

What if I get a bad review?

If you receive a review that isn't entirely positive, and the customer hasn't published it anonymously, you may consider contacting them directly by mail to address their concerns.

Within the settings of your offering, you’re able to hide any reviews under a certain amount of stars. For example, you may only want to show ratings over 3 stars.

We hope this FAQ helps you understand how the Reviews feature works on Snipfeed. If you have any other questions, please contact us through our website or social media channels.

How to leave a review?

If the creator has enabled the review feature, a dedicated link will be available alongside your purchase on your customer account, inviting you to share your valuable feedback. Your insights help improve the product.

If you have any other questions, please contact our support team at [email protected]

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