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How does Snipfeed’s AI Desk work?
How does Snipfeed’s AI Desk work?
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What is the AI Desk?

The AI Desk on Snipfeed uses artificial intelligence (powered by Chat GPT) that leverages data, i.e. your Snipfeed performance, statistics, niche, and offerings to offer tailored solutions and recommendations for your growth, content, and selling experience.

What tools are available on the AI Desk?

The AI Desk offers two types of commands: Assistant Bots and Generators.

How do Assistant Bots work?

Assistant Bots within the AI Desk carefully consider all available data about you and any additional context you provide during the conversation. You have the flexibility to request adjustments to their responses until you are satisfied, and you can also seek additional assistance as needed. For example, the Brand Pitch Assistant will help you draft the perfect email pitch according to your goals and the brand you want to collaborate with.

How do the generators work?

Generators within the AI Desk provide automatic responses by utilizing the information you provide. To generate a response, you will be prompted to answer a series of multiple-choice questions. Sometimes you’ll be asked to enter short bits of text. Based on your input, the generator will create a relevant and tailored response for you. An example of a generator on the AI desk is the ‘Word Wizard Bot’ - a tool that improves writing.

How can I find the AI Desk on my Snipfeed account?

The AI desk is available on the left-hand side of your dashboard:

How can I get the most out of the AI Desk?

The more you use the AI Desk’s commands, the smarter your responses will become. It learns from your interactions and saves all past conversations, allowing you to easily revisit any topic.

Can I customize the results I get from AI desk commands?

Yes, you can ask the Assistant Bots to tweak their responses until you're satisfied - just provide feedback and the Assistant will tailor the results for you. If you’re using a Generator, tweak the answers you have given in the questions and try again - perhaps you need to be more specific.

How can the AI Desk improve my performance on Snipfeed?

The AI Desk analyzes your data and provides insights, suggestions, and solutions to enhance your Snipfeed performance. It leverages the power of AI to offer personalized assistance.

Is my data secure on the AI Desk?

At Snipfeed, we take data security seriously. The AI Desk applies appropriate security measures, such as encryption and access control, to protect your information and guarantee confidentiality.

If you have any other questions, please contact our support team at [email protected]

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