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What is the Marketing Funnels feature?

The marketing funnel feature and the features available within

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The Marketing Funnels feature is a tool that allows creators to automate their marketing efforts, reach their community, and convert followers into customers. It provides a centralized platform where creators can manage their email and SMS marketing campaigns, build their contact lists, create targeted messaging, and set up automated workflows.

With the Marketing Funnels feature, creators can import existing contacts, segment their audience based on various criteria, and send customized email and SMS campaigns to specific groups within their contact list. They can design and personalize their campaigns, track the performance of each campaign through advanced analytics, and optimize their messaging for maximum engagement and sales.

The feature also includes the ability to set up automated workflows, which enable creators to automate communication with their customers and potential leads. By defining triggers and actions, such as sending welcome emails or follow-up messages after purchase, creators can engage with their audience even when they are offline.

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