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What does my course look like for customers?
What does my course look like for customers?
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Like any other product on Snipfeed, your customer would require to go on your personalized Snipfeed or have the link to the product. Clicking on the online course would take them to the course. Note that the first two parts are previews so the customers can view them even without purchasing the whole course.

After the customer purchases the course, they’ll be prompted to create a customer account if they do not already have one which they can do by simply entering their email address.

Finally, they’ll be sent an email from where they can easily access the course.

The purchased courses will be available on their customer account under the “E-Courses” tab.

For an in-depth guide, click here to check out the course on online courses by Snipfeed.

If you have any other questions, please contact our support team at [email protected]

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