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Syncing multiple Google Calendars
Syncing multiple Google Calendars

How to sync multiple calendars on Snipfeed via Google

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How to sync multiple calendars

Step 1: First go to your Google Calendar page

Step 2: Scroll down to “My Calendars

Step 3: Click on “Other calendars”

Step 4: Subscribe to calendar (image below)

Step 5: To add a second calendar, please click on “Subscribe to calendar” and type in the email address you’d like to sync.

Once you add the calendar, you will then need to grant access from that account.

Step 6: Once you grant access, head back to settings for other calendars and enable event notifications so you get notified for events on your second calendar, image below (example).

Step 7: Select what you would like to get notified from the above list (example).

Voila! You are all set! 🫶

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