You will receive your first payout seven days after you have first added your bank account, provided someone has purchased from you. Please note this waiting period can take up to 14 business days in certain industries.

The reason for this delay is to allow Stripe to conduct security checks which are inherent in providing payment services.

The standard processing time for the U.S is two business days.

You can click here to see country-specific Payout times.

Your payment date can be found on the “Balances page” of the Dashboard. If you do not receive your funds by the date shown on your account, the following might be one of the reasons.

  • This might be related to your account verification. Please check your Stripe Dashboard and your emails to see if Stripe has requested any additional information from you to complete this process.

  • Sometimes a bank’s processing time can add extra days, including weekends and bank holidays. Once the bank has finished processing your payout, they will deposit the fund into your account automatically.

For all other information regarding payments via stripe, or if you would like to contact Stripe directly. Please click here.

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