What is Snipfeed?
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Snipfeed is an all-in-one monetization platform that allows creators to sell digital content and services directly from a customizable bio link. With Snipfeed, creators can turn their social media into their storefront simply by adding a Snipfeed link to their social bio.

We’re designed so that followers never have to leave a creator's social media profile to make a purchase, allowing followers to check out with only two taps from a creator's profile. Specifically, creators can sell 1:1 consultations, personalized video, audio, or text responses, tickets to livestreams, and exclusive content — all from their Snipfeed page. Creators can also set up a tip jar on their page to accept tips.

In addition to adding monetization features, creators can add as many links as they’d like to this page (affiliate links, merch, etc.), design their page to suit their style, collect emails or phone numbers, and optimize their page using built-in analytics. And if a creator is not looking to monetize just yet, they can also use Snipfeed as a customizable bio link, providing followers with a beautifully-designed destination to find everything they’re up to online!

With that being said, creators - sign up here to start monetizing now!

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